Offline Marketing

The internet isn’t everything..

The talk these days all seems to be about google, twitter, blogs and websites. You could be fooled into thinking that the days of offline marketing are over but you would be wrong.  Whilst it is vital to have an online presence for your business, offline marketing is as important as ever. The focus is making your offline marketing as effective as possible whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Talk to us about your needs, below are some of the services we are proud to offer your business:

Direct mail campaigns
Print Management
Logo design
Press advertising
Logo design
Other graphic design work

Case study – Sugar Make up


Our client was launching a new edgy make-up and beauty blog and was looking for a logo that was feminine yet bold.

We began by producing a number of different designs using feminine fonts, colours and icons. The client quickly identified the look they were aspiring to achieve. Following further amendments to the colours we were quickly able to create a strong punchy logo for this brand.